AUP 210 - Boat Operations

Course Description

Boat Operations provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in safety, first aid, seamanship, navigation, boat operations, vessel construction, basic principles of marine engines and minor repairs, vessel handling, distress situations, and other topics related to small vessel operations.  Students wishing to obtain their Boat Crew qualification should complete this course.


  • AUP 210 - Boat Operations exam online
  • AUXSEA Seamanship exam online (proctor required)





Boat Crew Qualification Requirements

The Boat Crew qualification is not required to pass AUP 210.  If students are interested in the Boat Crew Qualification, AUP 210 will prepare the student for the oral portion of the crew qualification exam.  To fully qualify as Crew in the Auxiliary the student must complete:

  • AUP 110 “Safe Boating” (any NASBLA-approved boating safety course) or any other Boating Safety course;
  • IS 100 and IS 700 online courses;
  • Minimum 12 hours underway on patrol (many more recommended);
  • Complete all signoffs found in the Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide, Volume 1: Crew Member PQS book; 
  • 4-hr Team Coordination Training (TCT); and
  • Complete a “Qualification Exam” (QE), consisting of a Dockside Oral Examination and an Underway Check Ride.