AUP 220 - Communications

Course Description

Communications focuses on marine radio communications, providing knowledge of the fundamental principles underlying communications system used by the Coast Guard, in preparing for service at an Auxiliary  communications unit, maintaining a guard on assigned local or sector  radio channels, and contacting and coordinating with the Coast Guard unit in cases of distress, emergency or mishap.  Students wishing to obtain their Telecommunications Operator qualification should complete this course.


  • AUP 220 - Communications exam online
  • AUXCOM Communications exam online (proctor required)



Telecommunications Operator Qualification Requirements

AUP 220 prepares the student for the Telecommunications Operator (TCO) Personal Qualifications Standards (PQS).  The TCO qualification is not required to pass AUP 220.  To fully qualify as TCO in the Auxiliary the student must:

  • Achieve minimum Auxiliary Basically Qualified (BQ) status;
  • Complete ICS 100 and ICS 700 online courses; and
  • Complete all sign-offs found in the Auxiliary Telecommunications Qualification Standard TCO PQS.