AUP 230 - Marine Safety

Course Description

This course provides an extensive background in the history, policies, laws, and regulations pertaining to the Marine Safety and Environmental Protection missions.  This course also includes the “Good Mate” program, with a goal to raise understanding and awareness of recreational boaters and marina staff about how they can help protect aquatic environments while enjoying their recreational boating activities. This course is designed to give valuable information necessary for understanding environmental rules and regulations, techniques related to preventing marine pollution, and how to respond to pollution violations.  Students wishing to obtain the Marine Safety Training Ribbon (MSTR) should complete this course.


  • Intro to MS and Environmental Protection Exam online
  • Good Mate exam online

Marine Safety Training Ribbon Qualification Requirements

The Marine Safety Training Ribbon Qualification is not required to pass AUP 230.  AUP 230 prepares the student to receive the Marine Safety Training Ribbon.  To be awarded the ribbon in the Auxiliary the student must complete:

  • AUP 230 - Marine Safety;
  • ICS 100, 200, 700, 800;
  • ICS 210 or 300;
  • At least one Auxuiliary Marine Safety Program PQS; and
  • Application for MSTR.