AUP 260 - Aviation

Course Description

This course prepares students to effectively engage as aviators in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be prepared to pass the Aviation Exam Part A from the Coast Guard Auxiliary National Testing Center, and they should have the knowledge necessary to successfully complete the National Air Observer Syllabus. Students wishing to obtain their Air Observer qualification should complete this course.


  • Pass Aviation Exam Part A online

Air Observer Qualification Requirements

The Air Observer Qualification is not required to pass AUP 260.  AUP 260 prepares the student for the Aviation Exam Part A.  To fully qualify as an Air Observer in the Auxiliary the student must:

  • Achieve minimum Auxiliary Basically Qualified (BQ) status;
  • Complete ICS 100, 200, 210, 700, and 800;
  • Apply to district aviation program, if necessary
  • Establish a working relationship with respective district aviation program through appropriate chain of leadership;
  • Complete annual safety seminar and water egress training (a 75-yard swim);
  • Pass Aviation Exam Part A with a passing score of 90% or better; and
  • Complete the appropriate air observer syllabus under the mentorship of a first pilot or aircraft commander, which requires 10 hours of in-flight training time.

Some districts require their aviators to complete an SF-86 (an application for a security clearance) and have a favorable personal security investigation.  This is a rigorous and difficult form that will take especially long for individuals who: are not U.S. nationals, have lived abroad for a considerable period of time, or have dual citizenship.  Discuss with your district aviation representative if you are required to complete this, and he can assist you from there.