AUP 303 - Independent Project

Course Description

Students complete an independent project in support of Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Department of Homeland Security, or related needs.  The project may be part of the Coast Guard's Innovation Program wherein university students partner with Coast Guard innovators to test, evaluate, or research and develop new or existing innovation ideas from the USCG Innovation Database or new concepts generated by students themselves.  There is no one size fits all process here, but examples have included Coast Guard innovative student work in a maritime research lab, development of new business processes and methodologies, implementation of new information technology tools, and opportunities for professors to link their research in maritime domain awareness (MDA) to current Coast Guard operations.



  • Select and obtain agreement on the project from an advisor with subject matter expertise in the area where the project will focus.
  • Submit a proposal to the AUP Academics Branch Chief (BC-SUA), via AUP’s staff chain of leadership, outlining the project’s objective, timeline and milestones, and anticipated outcomes / deliverables.  BA-SUA will approve or reject the proposal.
  • Complete the requirements detailed in the approved proposal.
  • Present findings, outcomes, and deliverables to a panel consisting of advisor, BA-SUA or designees, and others as deemed appropriate by BA-SUA.
  • BA-SUA will award course passage to students whose outcomes and deliverables met the proposal’s requirements, and will forward finished products to the Innovation Division for consideration of further development.