AUP 400 - Coast Guard Health and Physical Readiness (HPR)

Course Description

These standards demonstrate the base level of physical fitness required of a Coast Guard Officer Candidate. As such, the requirements mirror those for Officer Candidate School. Members are required to complete the physical fitness test, 12-minute lap swim, and basic swim. If OCS requirements change, they will supersede the requirements listed here. NOTE: The member may substitute an additional 300-level course for AUP Advanced Track Graduate status; however, any student pursuing a military or law enforcement career are strongly encouraged to complete the PT requirements. 


  • PT Test
    • Complete two-minute cadence pushups. (30 for men, 20 for women)
    • Complete two minutes of curl-ups/sit-ups (60)
    • Complete a 1.5 mile run (10:59 men, 12:49 women)
  • 12-minute lap swim (18.5 lengths men 20-29, 17 lengths men 30-39, 17.5 lengths women 20-29, and 15.5 lengths women 30-30.)
  • Basic swim test: 
    • 60-second back float, 
    • 10-second prone float, 
    • 60-second tread water (no hands), 
    • 10 yds elementary backstroke, 
    • 25 yds front crawl, 
    • 75 yd unassisted swim (any stroke), 
    • 1-meter front dive remain submerged and swim 15 yards underwater.