On May 15, 2016, Ms. McKeag received her Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security with Honors from American Military University.  In addition, she was selected as the School of Security and Global Studies 2016 Academic Scholar Award Recipient, one of nine awards presented to students from the six schools within the combined undergraduate/graduate Class of 2016 consisting of 10,000+ students.  The award recognizes students for their commitment to service, academic achievements, outstanding character, and leadership capabilities.  Her service in the Auxiliary and specifically within AUP helped her nomination stand out among hundreds of other well qualified individuals currently serving in the military.

Ms. McKeag has now returned to American Military University as a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in Intelligence with a concentration in Terrorism and a concurrent Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis.  Upon graduation, she intends to apply for the Coast Guard’s Direct Commission Intelligence Officer program.

Currently, Ms. McKeag is exploring job opportunities via the Pathways Program with the Department of State.

Ms. McKeag is also continuing active Auxiliary service. She is preparing to run for Division Commander of Division 02 in District 13 and recently attended the AMLOC 05A C-School (Auxiliary Mid-Level Officers Course) at the 2016 Coast Guard Auxiliary National Convention.  Throughout 2017, she will be laying the groundwork for the first AUP unit in the Pacific Northwest by building a base of support within a local Seattle Flotilla in partnership with Division 03.