Internship Application

Current AUP students use this form to apply for an internship.  If you have a specific internship in mind or have already obtained an internship through your school, please specify this in the Personal Statement.

Please complete this application to the best of your ability and submit below.  Submit a Help Desk ticket if you have difficulty.

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I, the Student/Applicant, agree that the information contained within this application is both fully accurate and complete. I have read and fully understand the AUP Internship Guide, and commit to high professional standards, sharp uniform / grooming appearance, and adherence to all applicable Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary policies. I have reviewed this application with my Unit Officer and Academic Advisor at school, both of whom endorse my participation in this internship. I have updated my personal and emergency contact data in D4H. I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for any liability, loss, injury, or damage that may arise from participation in this internship unless otherwise covered by existing Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary policies.