Apply to AUP

Prospective students use this form to apply for admission to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program (AUP).  Upon receipt, the AUP staff will verify your Coast Guard Auxiliary membership status:

  • If you are already an Auxiliarist, we will obtain endorsement of your application from your Unit Officer or Flotilla Commander.
  • If you are not already an Auxiliarist, we will refer you to the appropriate AUP unit so that you can complete necessary paperwork.

Please complete this application to the best of your ability and submit below.  Submit a Help Desk ticket if you have difficulty.

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Which AUP Unit is your school associated with or located near? If none, select Remote Collaborative Unit.
Are you interested in working with the Coast Guard Recruiting Command to join the United States Coast Guard after graduation?
The Unit Officer of my AUP Unit has endorsed this application *
I, the Student/Applicant, agree that the information contained within this application is both fully accurate and complete.