Mass Maritime Academy Cadet Voyages on the Juniper

By Wyatt Sebourn | AUP Unit California Martime

Cadet Matthew Singleton of Massachusetts Maritime Academy went aboard the US Coast Guard Buoy Tender Juniper. The voyage began at the southern end of Cape Cod and lasted for seven days. While aboard the vessel, Mr. Singleton used his skills obtained at the Maritime Academy to contribute towards his activities. As a “deck” cadet at the academy, some learned skills were navigation, watch standing, and basic deck work. He spent some time teaching navigation to sea cadets who were also on board.

 Because the Juniper is a Buoy Tender, the voyage wouldn’t be complete without pulling up a buoy and working on it. The crew hauled up a buoy and put Mr. Singleton to work, scraping barnacles off and securing gripes and anchor chains. Channel markers and ATON’s were serviced throughout the rest of the voyage.

After speaking with the ships officers about what AUP was, the officers and crew agreed that they would love to bring aboard more AUP students to help them gain maritime experience. This allows AUP students the opportunity to gain valuable experience working alongside active duty Coast Guardsmen in the field.

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