1. AUP students interested in interning throughout the summer should begin considering what type of internship experience they are looking to have, what their availability will be, and where they can be geographically.

2.  To view past internships and review qualifications for obtaining an internship, consult  Internships may be eligible for academic credit depending on your school’s specific requirements.

3.  When ready, apply no later than 1 April via the application link at the above address.  Bear in mind, the sooner applications are submitted, the sooner AUP staff can work to place you as billets are filled on a rolling basis.  For questions regarding internships, contact Dr. Davida Kellogg at 

4.  AUP is also currently seeking students to serve as Intern Public Affairs Officer and Intern Project Manager with the AUP National Staff.

5. Successful applicants will work directly with the AUP Division Chief, Branch Chief, Project Manager, and Public Affairs Officer.  Work will be conducted virtually, so students from all schools are welcome to apply regardless of their geographic location.

6. Interested students must submit their resume as soon as possible to Dr. Davida Kellogg as well.

7. The Intern Project Manager will support all staff activity within AUP, responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining detailed project plans accounting for the activities of the entire staff.  The intern will learn and apply a combination of standard and innovative project management methodologies commonly found in business in order to facilitate high standards of output and quality within AUP, and is expected to work across Branch boundaries in order to be successful.  This is an excellent professional opportunity for students interested in business operations, management, and public administration.

8. The Intern Public Affairs Officer will manage, promote, and coordinate Public Affairs on behalf of the entire AUP.  Serving as an open resource to the entire staff, and assisting in PA program management for AUP nationwide, the intern will learn and be responsible for written and multimedia content, and for managing AUP’s social media properties and public-facing website.

9. BA-SUPM sends.

This mailing list is a one-way list from the Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Division to all AUP students, staff, and instructors. Questions need to be routed through the appropriate Chain of Leadership and Management.