Our U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program (AUP) is in need of a refreshed look. Today we’re launching a brand new website that we think will really help our units recruit on campus and connect students with the information they need. Here’s what you need to know.

Our address is www.cgauxedu.us. We’ve had this address for years, but we’re retiring the oldhttp://college.cgauxnet.us in favor of this single point of entry for AUP.

The site has a completely new look and feel. We’ve designed it to be more like a typical college or university website, and therefor be a bit easier to navigate.

We’re 100% mobile optimized. This means that you can access the entire site on your computer, tablet, or phone without any loss of information.

Talk to the staff (and me!) on Twitter using #AUPthought. We’re @uscgAUP. I want to make sure we get better about breaking down walls and communicating across a big country.

We’re abandoning paper (mostly)! You can now submit electronic forms to join AUP, obtain senior and graduate qualifications, apply for an internship, or submit a news story for publication. 

Question, discuss, and share experiences in one of our Facebook Groups. We’ve created groups for Response, Prevention, and Public Affairs so that students and alumni join groups that interest them.

You don’t need a CGAUXNET account to access academic content. We’ve made everything public, which we think will really help our newest students, and will cut down on the line waiting for our help desk.

We’re integrating with the main Auxiliary help desk, which gives users a single place to start, and gives our staff better software to manage your requests. Visit http://help.cgaux.org/

Stand by for more information about how we’re revamping our academic experience to be more flexible and responsive to students’ needs. We’ll be posting our fall semester class lineup soon. Until then, please enjoy the website, share it widely, and let us know how we can keep improving. Best of luck getting started with the fall semester. Thank you for your service!

Andrew Welch
Director, Strategic Planning

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