From: BC-SUO


1. AUP is pleased to announce that Katherine Mazzola from Unit Virginia Tech will serve as Division Leader for the 2016-2017 academic year. Her Deputy Division Leader and Division Operations Leader are still to be determined.

2. The Division Leader is a more experienced student serving as the senior student leader within AUP nationwide, exercising responsibility, accountability, and authority for AUP's overall student activities while supervising subordinate personnel. The Division Leader is appointed, relieved by, and reports to, the leader of the national AUP Operations staff.

3. Ms. Mazzola is a senior at Virginia Tech studying Political Science with a concentration in National Security. Her goal is to commission active duty in the USCG and then either attend law school or work on Capitol Hill. She has been part of AUP since her freshman year when the program got restarted at Tech. She recognizes the benefits of the program and the potential that it has to be even better.

4. Her e-mail address is Please contact her with any ideas you may have or if you need anything, but please consult your chain of command first.

5. Ms. Mazzola’s leadership philosophy is as follows:

  1. Communication: Communication is essential to an effective organization. Without communication the organization will fall apart. Students must communicate up and down the chain of command in order for AUP to be successful.

  2. Community: A sense of community will foster an environment where members feel a sense of ownership and unity. This enables flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and challenges presented throughout the year.

  3. Empowering: Empowering individuals will give them the opportunity to take ownership of actions and grow as a leader. Students will gain greater insight and understanding with the experiences. This strengthens our ability to communicate and adapt to challenges.

6. Ms. Mazzola’s goals for the year are to:

  1. Create opportunities for students to lead,

  2. Have members volunteer in their community through the Auxiliary,

  3. Take every opportunity to learn, and

  4. Have all members complete requirements to be at Senior Status.

7. BC-SUP sends.