Program of Study


Current and active participation in the AUP Program of Study, is defined by:

  • Maintenance of AUP related qualifications (junior, senior, and graduate);
  • Logging of hours engaged in AUP programs; and
  • Conformance with the programmatic guidelines and expectations described in the Leadership and Management Guide.

The AUP national staff develops and promulgates the AUP Program of Study in accordance with the AUP Leadership and Management Guide.  It outlines the academic, training, and qualification expectations of students enrolled in AUP.  The Program of Study will be reviewed and updated, if necessary, on an annual basis in order to remain current with Auxiliary policies and guidelines and changes within AUP.

Any enrolled student who completes the requirements of this Program of Study will be permanently qualified as an “Auxiliary University Programs Graduate”.  Students who do not complete the Program of Study will be designated as "Incomplete".  Students that began in AUP, are not dropped from the program, but who later transferred to and graduated from the Coast Guard Academy, or who complete Coast Guard Officer Candidate School or a Direct Commission program will also receive "AUP Graduate" recognition.

The Program of Study calls for minimum completion of five courses plus an operational qualification in order to qualify as a graduate.  A minimum of four of these courses and the one qualification must be completed while enrolled in AUP.  Students who have already completed several Auxiliary courses prior to enrolling in AUP may need to complete more than five courses in order to obtain the minimum four that must be completed while enrolled in AUP.  The goal of this practice is to ensure that students are involved, active, and learning within AUP in a substantive way for at least 12-24 months prior to qualifying as an AUP Graduate.

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Qualification: AUP Junior
Awarded upon completion of: 

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary enrollment application submitted;
  • Enrolled in an accredited college, university, community college, or technical school;
  • Meets all institutional requirements for participation in extracurricular activities;
  • Favorable endorsement from student’s flotilla commander;
  • AUP enrollment application submitted and reviewed.

Granted immediately upon enrollment, valid not more than 12 months.

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Qualification: AUP Senior
Awarded upon completion of: 

  • Granted minimum “Approval Pending” (AP) Auxiliary member status;
  • All 100-level “General Requirements” courses:
  • AUP 101 - Basic Introduction Course;
  • AUP 103 - Intro to Incident Management; and
  • AUP 110 - Safe Boating.

Students have a maximum of 12 months to achieve this qualification from the date they first enroll as an AUP Student.

Valid not more than three years following qualification.  Extensions may be given on a case by case basis.

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Qualification: AUP Graduate

Awarded upon completion of:

  • All items required to qualify as an AUP Senior;
  • Minimum of one AUP 200-level “Elective” course;
  • Minimum of one AUP 300-level “Leadership Capstone” course;
  • Minimum of one one Operational Qualification;
  • Minimum 50 hours of AUP contact hours / class time logged;
  • Favorable AUP participation endorsement from assigned Unit Officer; and
  • Minimum 4-year Bachelor degree granted by institution at which student is enrolled.

Students have a maximum of 3 years to achieve this qualification from the date they first enroll as an AUP Student. Additional years require a waiver from the AUP national staff.

Permanent for all who have met the requirements.

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