Staff and Instructors

Andrew Welch, Director

From 2012 to 2013 Mr. Welch served as University Programs Division Chief where he led program management, operations, and academic initiatives for the organization’s university-based research and development program and college leadership training pipeline of over 150 students on 15 campuses across the United States.  Previous assignments include service as Deputy Director of Strategic Planning, Commander of Flotilla Northern Virginia, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Officer, Unit Officer in Charge at The College of William and Mary, and Public Affairs Officer of the Virginia Peninsula Division based at Training Center Yorktown.  He has served on the Coast Guard’s Evergreen long-term strategic planning “Core Team”, and on the Commandant’s Innovation Council.

Charles Mccarty, Division Chief

Charles McCarty is the Division Chief of the Auxiliary University Programs with responsibility for managing the program nationwide.  He has served as Flotilla Commander, Division Vice Commander, SO-MT, SO-MS, FSO-MT AND FSO-MS along with other staff positions.  He is certified as an Instructor, Vessel Examiner, ATON Verifier and AUXSC&E Instructor and has earned the AUXOP AND RBS Devices.  He was involved in the standup and operation of the AUP Unit at the State University of New York at Canton.  Mr. McCarty is retired from a career in criminal justice, judicial administration, and academia.

Kathleen jennings, program management branch chief

Kathleen Jennings is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Program Management Branch Chief.  In this capacity, she serves as the deputy to the Division Chief and oversees the administration of AUP.  Ms. Jennings previously served as a Branch Assistant for Academic Affairs.  She began working with AUP in 2012 and has an extensive background in education.  She sits on the School of Education Development Board at The College of William and Mary.


Graig Arcuri is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Branch Chief - Operations where he has responsibility for maintaining accountability, responsibility, and authority for AUP operations nationwide; managing the portfolio of all AUP units, assigning each unit to subordinate Operations Assistants so that each is responsible for approximately 6-7 units. He is a qualified vessel examiner and crew and currently serves as Commander of Flotilla 092-02-04, as well as, FSO-OP, FSO-MA, and FSO-DV. New to AUP, he comes with substantial operations and academic experience, which currently includes being a member of the faculty at The State University of New York at Oswego and Syracuse University.

Richard R. Young, Ph.D, Academics Branch Chief

Richard Young is the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Branch Chief - Academics where he has responsibility for maintaining accountability, responsibility, and authority for academic activities in the areas of Leadership, Nautical Science, Communications, Marine Safety, Vessels, and Public Affairs, ensuring that responsibility for each is shared amongst subordinate subject matter experts. He is a qualified vessel examiner and instructor, and serves as Assistant District Staff Officer for Incident Management and Preparedness for the Fifth Northern District. New to AUP, he comes with substantial academic experience having been Director of Graduate Programs for the School of Business Administration at The Capital College of The Pennsylvania State University.

jake shaw, AUP Senior Advisor

Jake Shaw serves as the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) Senior Advisor, responsible for using his 10 plus years of AUP knowledge and experience to complete special projects and maintain overall program health. He supports the DVC and other branch chiefs. Mr. Shaw is a qualified Coxswain, Vessel Examiner, and Public Affairs Specialist.  He and his videographer documented the Coast Guard Auxiliary's service during the Deep Water Horizon's Spill of National Significance (SONS) in the Gulf of Mexico.  Mr. Shaw has been with the Auxiliary University Programs since its inception.  A Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Mr. Shaw's professional background has included service with the Auburn University Athletic Department and as the Orthopedic Senior Physical Therapist for East Alabama Medical Center.  He sits on the Board of Advisors for the Warrior Athletic Training and Warrior Research Center at Auburn University, which serves the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, GA.  Mr. Shaw is also a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor, former SCUBA Dive Master, former Water Safety Instructor trainer, and former sailing instructor.


MK3 Jesse Thrift

Juniors Program Lead

Mr. Bill Iwanyk

Seniors Program Lead


Ms. Katie Mazzola

Division Leader
Background: AUP Senior

mST1 Blaine Meserve-Nibley

Operations Manager - Maritime/Military Units
Background: Marine Science Technician

Mr. Joshua Kingett

Operations Manager - Northern Units
Background: Boat Operations

LTJG Landon Elliott

Operations Manager - Southern Units