Jesse Thrift graduated from AUP and the University of Maryland in 2012. After working as an emergency management specialist for the University of Maryland and a research assistant/tech writer for the Adversarial Modeling and Exploitation Office at the Naval Research Lab, he enlisted in the Coast Guard in February 2014. After boot camp he was stationed aboard the CGC Moray in Jonesport, ME as a fireman, attended Machinery Technician "A" school, and then PCSed to CGC Hickory in Homer, AK, where he serves as the main propulsion division MK3. MK3 Thrift continued to serve as a member of the Auxiliary as well as an active duty Coast Guardsman, filling positions as FSO-Publications and FSO-Navigation Systems for Flotilla 170-02-01. Homer AK and Branch Assistant-- Juniors Program for the AUP National Staff.